Entry-level training arrangements under this program apply only to persons who are under an ACT Contract of Training in an occupation, or an activity considered relevant to the building and construction industry, or persons employed as entry level workers in general construction.

Skills-shortage funding

Each year the Authority offers financial incentives for new apprenticeships where skills shortages have been identified. At the time of publication, the 2022 trades have yet to be announced. 

Please contact the Authority in January 2022 for more information on these incentives.

2023 funding

The Authority has budgeted $1,881,750 in 2023 for ACT GTOs, employers of Australian Apprentices under an ACT Contract of Training, ACT schools and colleges, and other stakeholders for its entry level training.

This is an expected 40% of the overall funding allocated for 2023 and will be used for specific programs such as:

• annual Australian Apprenticeship funding to GTOs (ACT)

• on-the-job training incentives for employers of apprentices in trades identified as having a skills shortage

• Certificate I & II in Construction for students in ACT colleges

• CITC – entry level support program.

How to apply

The 2023 skills shortage apprenticeships will be announced in January 2023. Please contact the Authority for further information on funding incentives.