The aim for the entry-level training program is to increase the number of apprentices entering the industry, as well as improve the retention rate.

There are two types of entry-level training funding. The first provides financial support to group training organisations (GTO's) for each apprentice.

  • annual Australian apprenticeship funding to group training organisations (ACT)
  • field officer assistance program for seven group training organisations (ACT)
  • WHS funding for seven group training organisations (ACT)
  • at-risk funding for group training organisations (ACT)

Entry-level training arrangements under this program apply only to persons who are under an ACT Contract of Training in an occupation or an activity considered relevant to the building and construction industry, or persons employed as entry-level workers in general construction.

The next refers to incentive payments to employers of apprentices in those trades that have been identified (annually) as having a skills shortage.

Each year the Authority offers financial incentives for new apprenticeships where skills shortages have been identified. Please contact the Authority Staff for more information on these incentives.