The Marketing and Sponsorship program support several industry events, education and training awards, and projects./p>

The aim is to promote the industry in a positive way to the public by increasing awareness of the achievements of the industry and by supporting organisations within the industry that promote best practice.

2024 funding

The Authority has budgeted $289,800 in the promotion, marketing, and sponsorship program in 2024.

Along with a bi-monthly newsletter, website, and supporting industry events, the Authority aims to raise awareness of its functions of providing eligible applicants training rebates for approved training programs identified through the annual training plan.

How to apply

Contact the Authority by calling 6262 5630 or provide an application/proposal letter, addressing the following objectives, strategies, and outcomes.


The application will be required to address the objectives of the program outlining the issues of the program, the change and benefits to the industry and the involvement and support of the industry in the program.


The application will need to identify the strategies to be used to support the objectives and establish the outcomes of the program, including research activities, consultative mechanisms, surveys, and assessment development.


The application will need to identify the positive outcomes of the program, which may include an increased participation of individuals, identified groups and organisations in the program, improve the information available to the industry, increase compliance by the industry in Training Levy obligations, and/or increase the awareness to industry of the Authority.