2024 Training Plan Funding

The ACT Building and Construction Industry Training Fund Authority collects a 0.2% levy on building and construction projects above $10,000 undertaken in the ACT, which is then used to fund training for workers in the industry.

lake and the building on the side

The Authority’s funding is divided into five operational programs of entry level training and existing worker training and professional development, along with the three special funding programs: promotion, marketing, and sponsorship; research and development; and access and equity.

In 2024, the Authority will continue to provide funding for training in the same key areas and has budgeted $4,593,550 as shown in the table and visual across.

Table 1: Funding for training
Funding program $ %
Existing Worker 2,310,000 50.1
Entry Level 1,501,750 33
Access & Equity 388,000 8.4
Research & Development 104,000 2.2
Marketing & Sponsorship 289,800 6.3
TOTAL 4,593,550