Administration of the Training Fund

The Authority will provide funding for the training of eligible workers, support the entry of new people into the building and construction industry, and improve the culture and access to training.

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Subject to funds being available, the Authority will allocate funds for training on the following terms:

  • payments for training are intended to achieve additional training outcomes and are NOT to substitute for existing workforce training
  • allocation of funds will be needs based against predetermined priorities
  • funding is for a rebate on training delivered and must NOT be used to cover capital expenditure costs.

Funding for training is targeted at developing new skills for entry level (apprentices) and existing workers in the industry. For example:

  • apprentices under an ACT Contract of Training are eligible for business skills training
  • injured workers on rehabilitation are eligible for training to assist their return to the industry
  • existing workers are eligible for refresher courses, training in new fields and management techniques relevant to the industry.


Employees, apprentices, employers, group training organisations (GTOs), industry bodies and associations, and registered training organisations (RTOs) may lodge an application form seeking funding.

Applications must be submitted for assessment prior to training commencing with an RTO.

Applications are to be submitted online from the ACT Building and Construction Industry Training Fund Authority website

Apply now from your PC, tablet, or smartphone. For more Information phone 6262 5630.


An ELIGIBLE PERSON is any person working in, or in connection with a company in the building and construction industry in the ACT who is performing work liable for the payment of the Training Levy (see page 14), or is a person deemed as an eligible person on application to the Authority.

An eligible person can be an employer, employee, or an independent contractor.

Applicant’s responsibility

The applicant must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Authority that any individual covered by a request for funding of training is an eligible worker. This may require a statutory declaration.

The Authority will assess all applications against the following criteria:

  • No retrospective applications will be considered.
  • Funding will be provided for skills training identified in the Training Plan. Training not covered by the Plan may be funded on their merits.
  • Training must be provided by an RTO.
  • There must be an identified training outcome for each participant.
  • Participants, other than injured workers on rehabilitation, will be required to contribute to the cost of the training course.
  • Participants must be carrying out work that makes them eligible – either as an employee, employer, or an independent contractor.
  • Product-specific training courses will not be funded, and training courses must be generic.
  • The Authority will monitor the cost of training courses and may set a maximum amount to be funded per participant.
  • The Authority may withhold payment for training where an individual fails to successfully complete all components of the approved training course.