Existing Worker Training and Professional development

By providing financial rebates to existing eligible workers, the aim is to improve access to contemporary and relevant training programs and increase the number of existing workers who access training and professional development.

Construction site
Entry Level Training

The aim for the Entry Level Training program is to increase the number of apprentices entering the industry by supporting group training organisations (GTOs) and employers of apprentices in skills shortage nominated trades.

Workers at the site
Access and Equity

The Access and Equity program provides several funding initiatives that support the employment and training of both entry-level and existing workers of identified groups and people with special needs within the building and construction industry.

Truck and earth movers
Research and Development

The Research and Development program supports the development of new industry training programs, research for the Authority’s 2024 Training Plan and special projects.

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Marketing and Sponsorship

The aim is to promote the industry in a positive way to the general public by increasing awareness of the achievements of the industry and by supporting organisations within the industry that promote best practice.

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