An ELIGIBLE PERSON is any person working in, or in connection with a company in the building and construction industry in the ACT who is performing work liable for the payment of the Training Levy , or is a person deemed as an eligible person on application to the Authority.

The eligible person may or may not be under an ACT Contract of Training and undertakes an approved training program through a registered training organisation (RTO).

2024 funding

The Authority has budgeted $2,310,000 in the existing worker training and professional development training program in 2024.

Included in the 2024 Training Plan are examples of training courses funded in FY 2022/23, the names of the RTOs that delivered the training and their contact details.

The Authority relies on industry stakeholders to guide the funding direction and needs of Work Health and Safety training as it does with all training programs in the industry

How to apply

Complete the application form online from your PC, tablet, or smartphone 

The application form is to be submitted prior to the commencement of training.

Training needs to be carried out by an RTO.

Once training is complete, provide a copy of certificate of completion or equivalent, simply by uploading these to the individual secure link provided in all application approvals provided by the Authority.